Live Green at Caesura

September 28, 2017

Caesura embraces slowing down and truly living each moment to the fullest. We also know that taking the time to care for our earth can make a world of difference in our own quality of life. That’s why we’ve built Caesura to be a green apartment and we encourage our residents to live smarter, healthier and more holistic lives. Here’s how Caesura makes an effort to live green.


Conservation Efforts

Caesura’s rooftop lounge and 11th floor conservatory are not only beautiful places of refuge for residents, they’re also mindful efforts at conservation. Native plants, indigenous birds and insects populate the rooftop while the conservatory is filled to the brim with greenery. Caesura also puts water conservation first with purposefully designed fixtures and porous paving.


Energy Efficiency

ENERGY STAR® appliances work to keep energy use low and appropriate while lighting with daylight and occupancy sensors ensure that lights are being used only when necessary. Low-VOC paint and low-e double-glazed windows make your living experience a healthier one, alongside ventilation systems that work to be energy-efficient, quiet and high quality. The building also contains a cistern for irrigation and a hydrodynamic separator to reduce stormwater flow.


These efforts all go hand-in-hand to make your living experience the best that it can be while being kind to our planet.


What steps do you take each day to live a more holistic lifestyle? Contact us today for more information on life at Caesura or to schedule a tour.